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Series 9 EFS Prize Pack Giveaway Winners


The winners of our Series 9 EFS Prize Pack Competition from our November Newsletter,
receiving an EFS Cap Signed by Jase & Simon from All 4 Adventure, a copy of All 4 Adventure DVD, Cookbook & 2018 Calendar + more, are....

Neal Paine & Adrian Booth. 

Congratulations to our winners - your prize pack will be on its way to you shortly. 

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Winners have been notifed via email (17/11/17) with prize packs to be sent out via Australia Post 

Ryal Harris

EFS 4x4 Accessories is sponsoring Ryal Harris in the new 2018 Super Utes Series in a diesel powered Mazda BT50. 
Ryal has been a great racing car champion in the V8 Utes Series with 3 championship wins and now will be sponsored by EFS 4x4 Accessories.

Ryal Harris has been racing since the age of 11, starting in karts on the Gold Coast. In next to no time, he was starting winning races and in his 2nd year took out his first title.

From 1998 – 2002 he won over 14 state and National titles against some of Australia's best karters. When he was 16, Ryal was picked up by Dick Johnson Racing as a junior development driver, making his debut in the V8 Ute series in 2004. After struggling to raise sufficient budget for 6 years, in 2011 – Ryal was given the opportunity to race with BIG GUN RACING. After his consignment with the racing team, he was winning races, taking out 8 race wins in 2011 and just missing out on the title.

He won back to back championships in 2012/2013 and recently wrapped up the 2015 title. Ryal is now the most successful V8 Ute driver in history with over 38 race wins, 11 pole positions, numerous lap records and the first driver in history to win 3 championships in the V8 Ute category. In 2014, Ryal made his V8 Supercar debut at Bathurst, bringing in a top ten result during first attempt.

Now 30, Ryal is aiming to debut a Mazda BT-50 in the new look Ute series, and eventually run the first Diesel engine in the category's history.


Below are some pictures of Ryal and the V8 ute at Bathurst 2017. And a preview of the new diesel powered Mazda BT50 for the 2018 Super Utes Series

Series 9 Competition


To win an EFS Prize Pack, including an EFS Cap Signed by Jase & Simon from All 4 Adventure, a copy of All 4 Adventure DVD, Cookbook & 2018 Calendar + more
simply tell us in 25 words or less, how would you Tackle the Territory in your 4wd?

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RIG WEEK: Fitting Suspension

 RIG WEEK: The team at EFS is always ready to make sure the boys have the best solution to deal with where they're going and what they're hauling!

RIG WEEK: Bar Work & Accessories

 RIG WEEK: And finally it's time to trick out those trucks with the new range from EFS 4x4 Accessories. Then they're ready to hit the road for series 9: Tackling the Territory - starting November 5th on TEN!

How the changes to policy reform threatens vehicle safety


How the Government misplaced policy reform threatens vehicle safety.

As the video below explains, in 2015 the AAAA undertook suspension tests on 5 separate vehicle platforms in the USA at a cost of $250,000 to dispel the notion that small changes to the ride height of a vehicle have a negative impact on Electronic stability control operation. In these tests we adopted the same test protocols used by all vehicle manufacturers and major component suppliers around the world. Technical reports from the tests presented to Federal, State and Territory regulators showed the test vehicles all met Australian Design Rule requirements for ESC operation.

As a direct result of this testing, all State and Territory Governments agreed to change the ESC section of the National Code of Practice for Vehicle Modification (VSB 14) to allow for owner certified suspension modification of + or – 50mm without the need for an engineering inspection.

Unfortunately we now have a situation in which the Federal Government is proposing to move away from this position and require either a full ESC test or an independent engineering inspection of every vehicle to undertake Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) upgrades under the Federal Government Second Stage Manufacturers scheme.

We want to use this opportunity to try and get the Minister to rule that ESC testing is not required under either the low volume or full volume scheme if the overall lift is 50mm or less, which would mirror the arrangements negotiated with the States in VSB14.

Our request is that you share this video far and wide via your social media networks. We really need this video to have as many views as we can as it will come up on the Minister's media monitoring service and demonstrate that this is a larger issue than his Department is making out. We believe that the video portrays our industry in a positive light and so can be used as an endorsement of the due diligence that we undertake prior to putting product into the market as well as highlighting the safety benefits of suspension upgrades.

Check out the video
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Much harder and more expensive to modify vehicles


Government misplaced policy reform threatens vehicle safety.

Australian automotive suppliers have become global leaders in the design and manufacture of high quality 4WD parts and accessories, improving the safety and functionality of these vehicles.

To provide evidence of the safety of the products that these suppliers design and manufacture, the Australian automotive aftermarket industry has undertaken extensive independent testing both in Australia and the USA to validate the engineering integrity and ongoing regulatory compliance of vehicles.

Despite this evidence, Minister Paul Fletcher and his Department are about to make it much harder and more expensive to modify vehicles.

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ANCAP Updated Guidance to Fleet Buyers and aftermarket customers


ANCAP Updated Guidance to Fleet Buyers and aftermarket customers

In an effort to clarify any confusion or misunderstanding from fleet buyers and private customers regarding the possible effect of aftermarket modifications on the vehicles ANCAP safety rating, the AAAA recently met with ANCAP management and received a letter of clarification from ANCAP CEO James Goodwin. CLICK HERE to read the letter.

In the letter Mr Goodwin advises that ANCAP only crash test new, unmodified vehicles as they are made available to the market and they are not in a position to make any assessment (either way) on the effect of vehicle modifications on the ANCAP safety rating of the vehicle. Instead ANCAP recommend that fleet managers and customers make contact with their local state or territory registration authority to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements.

This means that ANCAP will not 'certify' or 'endorse' any aftermarket modification (regardless of whether the parts fitted are 'genuine' or aftermarket) and will not certify or endorse any internal company fleet policies. They will only recommend purchasing vehicles that have been awarded a 5 star ANCAP rating.

Companies that are able to prove (via the opinion of an independent engineer) that the modification undertaken on the vehicle meets the requirements of the ANCAP variant policy are able to make reference to this point in their marketing collateral but it is important to note that even in this instance ANCAP will not provide any certification, endorsement or approval of the part or modification.

We would encourage you to make this updated ANCAP guidance available to your resellers, fleet and private customers.

If you have any queries or require additional clarification please feel free to contact us on 03 9545 3333.

ANCAP 5-star vs Aftermarket Upgraded Suspension

ANCAP 5-star vs Aftermarket Upgraded Suspension -
Real World Testing, Real World Results, Real World Safety Improvement!

To demonstrate the ‘real world’ impact of ANCAPs policy, Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association ​recently commissioned a leading independent engineering firm to oversee a handling comparison test of a current model Mitsubishi Triton with its original suspension and braking system and an identical vehicle fitted with an upgraded aftermarket suspension kit. 

EFS are supporting AAAA to spread the word about the real world impact of ANCAP's policy.

Check out the video to see the results